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, their condition remains unknown. the shooting happened about 2 mi. away from monday's deadly officer bob shooting. this is video from a helicopter part of with abc's seven news. in this case officers were chasing a stolen car and opened fire on the driver when he tried to run over officer. a passenger in a stolen car is now facing several charges. >> the family of 14 year-old santa rosa boy who died when he was hit by a race car driven by his cousin saturday is planning a memorial. the boy's grandfather says there'll be a private funeral saturday followed by public memorial sunday. markets and johnson was an eighth grader who was in the pit area of the marysville race track with his cousins race car was off the track and hit him along with another big dumb, up and they'l victim dale wonderge. he also died. the family says the driver, a 17 year- old petaluma high school student was like a brother to the victim. police are looking for a man who made off with the 5,600 lbs. will copper wire from a pg&e storage yard. the copper was stolen on sunday and is valued at more than $25,000. police said the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2